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Adoption Records

This term refers to documents that are both public and non-public in nature that provide information about an adoption, and include and original sealed birth certificate, the court documents that relate to the processing and finalization of the adoption, and the non-public records of the adoption agency or adoption attorney that assisted in the processing and finalization of the adoption. Depending on the specific provisions of state law, these records can be subject to a rather wide variety of restriction relating to privacy

Question: Adoption records? My grandma was adopted, and i wanna find out about her biological family. She died more than ten years ago. Is there some way to access her adoption records?

Answer: You won't be able to find the actual records if she's been dead that long. The best you'll be able to find is her current birth certificate, which you can order as her legitimate heir, and that will tell you the town of her birth. From there, you can attempt to pull up birth announcements in local newspapers to see who had babies at the time, but you won't get access to her adoption records themselves. If the birth mother went to live in a home for unwed mothers, you'll be totally out of luck because those babies never made it into the newspaper. No court will open her adoption records for you without a significantly compelling reason, which is VERY rare...usually only to prove something illegal invalidated the adoption (such as a kidnapping). The odds of you finding the birth family are exceeding slim, but I wouldn't discourage you from trying


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