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Amended Birth Certificate

A term used to refer to the new birth certificate that is issued for an adopted child after an adoption becomes final, which shows the new name of the adopted child and the adoptive parents as the parents of the child, as though they are its biological parents. This new birth certificate is placed in the public records in place of the child's original birth certificate. The original birth certificate is then stored in a separate secure location that is not accessible to the public, and may be viewed only by court order.

Question: I am an adoptee in Michigan. My amended birth certificate gives my adoptive parents names of course? but I am curious about one thing- would the birth county and city be the actual place I was born, or would that have been amended for some reason? There is no hospital listed either- is this the norm on an amended certificate?

Answer: Yes your adoptive parents could of changed the city and state. With no hospital listed that's probably what they did. They could also change the date of birth. When we adopted our youngest we were told that we could change everything. Name - date of birth - place of birth - and time


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