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Also sometimes referred to as "Adoption Worker" or "Adoption Caseworker" or "Social Worker." These are the individuals that prepare adoption home studies for prospective adoptive parents, assist prospective adoptive parents in obtaining their pre-adoption certification, where required, assist in provide post-placement supervision of adoptive families, once they have received their child, and counsel with adoptive families to help them adapt the changes that they undergo in their lives as the result of adoption. Some state require caseworkers to be certified, and may require certain educational credentials. The wide variety of services that are provided by adoption caseworkers are essential elements in every successful adoption.

Question: Caseworker? hi all im due to start a caseworker (legal) role soon and would like to know a bit more about what they do? Obviously i have had an interview etc but it was months ago and it would be nice to hear from somebody with a bit of experience in a similar role. whats it like? cheers x

Answer: I am not a case worker however, I have had to deal with caseworkers before. Most people like a case worker who listons to their cliants and doesnot try to act as though they know better about a cliants needs then the cliend does.


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In October 2011, Jones confronted a case worker who demanded he clean up the clothes and blankets scattered on the floor, boxes of food on top of the counter with tools scattered around them where the children could be hurt and an open air vent, where ...

Case worker: Dad overwhelmed before children killed

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Associated Press Timothy Ray Jones Jr. is escorted Thursday by lawmen out of the Smith County Jail in Raleigh, Miss., to a vehicle for transport to Lexington County, S.C., where he is expected to be charged with murder in the deaths of his five ...

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A social worker last visited Jones two weeks before the children's disappearance. "Dad appears to be overwhelmed as he is unable to maintain the home, but the children appear to be clean, groomed and appropriately dressed," wrote the case worker, who ...

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Caseworker reaction to the study was basically, "No, duh!" said Renee Rivera, executive director of the Colorado chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. "Finally, a hard, cold, scientific study that's backing up what those in the field ...

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AUSTIN ? Child Protective Services workers say they can't do their best work because they can't get off the computer ? or the phone. Testifying before a House panel, four CPS employees said Wednesday that they spend too much of their time filling out ...