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Interstate Compact

A set of laws created in the form of a suggested model state statue covering a specific area of law that is of general concern to all states, which is usually drafted by a committee with input from all or a large number of the states. This compact legislation is then voluntarily enacted into law in its model form, or in a slightly customized form, by the legislatures of those states that choose to become part of the Compact Group. The adoption of Interstate Compacts helps to standardize state laws across the country on covered topics.

Question: I think my probation officer is not telling the truth about the interstate compact? Is it true that Missouri laws regarding the interstate compact override the ICAOS rules(in the icaos rule book) ? this is what i was told by my PO supervisor, but i find it hard to believe that every state has its own set of rules. if that were true there would be no purpose for the interstate compact. So my question is, Is there one set of national rules or does every state have its own rules?

Answer: Laws are established by state legislature, so they will vary.


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