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Interstate Compact

A set of laws created in the form of a suggested model state statue covering a specific area of law that is of general concern to all states, which is usually drafted by a committee with input from all or a large number of the states. This compact legislation is then voluntarily enacted into law in its model form, or in a slightly customized form, by the legislatures of those states that choose to become part of the Compact Group. The adoption of Interstate Compacts helps to standardize state laws across the country on covered topics.

Question: I think my probation officer is not telling the truth about the interstate compact? Is it true that Missouri laws regarding the interstate compact override the ICAOS rules(in the icaos rule book) ? this is what i was told by my PO supervisor, but i find it hard to believe that every state has its own set of rules. if that were true there would be no purpose for the interstate compact. So my question is, Is there one set of national rules or does every state have its own rules?

Answer: Laws are established by state legislature, so they will vary.


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FSMB: Draft Interstate Compact for Physician Licensure Nears Completion

Newswise (press release)
Newswise ? WASHINGTON ? The Federation of State Medical Boards, a national nonprofit representing the 70 medical and osteopathic boards of the U.S. and its territories, issued the following statement today after unveiling an updated draft interstate ...

Proposed state compact would streamline interstate telemedicine, but may not ...

And ultimately what the board came together in deciding was that an interstate compact was the most feasible and achievable method for facilitating multistate practice, expediting the licensure process, streamlining it, while ensuring that patient ...

Dear Fellow Nebraskans:

Columbus Telegram
This forecast provides local natural resources districts a critical piece of information that they need to proactively manage the groundwater resources to address potential interstate compact shortfalls before they happen. Another important ...

South Springvale coach Bill Lambropoulos says his minnows are ready for the ...

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He said the team would approach the game against its Newcastle-based opponents with the same compact, defence-first mentality that saw it defeat two first division Victorian teams on the way to qualifying for the 32-team national knockout competition.

Updates to state licensing compact focus on patient protections

In an effort to expand the use of telemedicine across state lines, the Federation of State Medical Boards has released an updated version of its interstate compact for physician licensure. The updated draft includes proposed changes to strengthen ...

Guest view: Stronger education compact helps military families

Belleville News Democrat
About 10 years ago, the Department of Defense and the Council of State Governments drafted a voluntary Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children to address the educational transition challenges facing military families. In ...

Bill would help vets transition into New York state during and after military ...

Legislative Gazette
The first provision of the bill enacts the Interstate Compact on Education Opportunities for Military Children, an agreement drafted by the Council of State Governments, to create a uniform system for when military children transfer between school ...

Nevada Online Poker Revenue Reaches New High in June

However, state officials remain excited about the upcoming launch of the first interstate compact that was brokered with Delaware in February. Nevada made history with the first regulated ipoker launch in September 2013 and will do so once again by ...


Delaware-Nevada Compact a Likely Game-Changer

Investigating Earthquakes in Fracking Regions

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The idea that recent sequential earthquake activity, particularly in Ohio and Oklahoma, is related to hydraulic fracking and water disposal operations is gaining traction in some key drilling states - Black & Veatch. While there is no hard data to ...