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Parens Patriae

Legal term that defines the State's legal role as the guardian to protect the interests of children who cannot take care of themselves. For example, in an abuse or neglect case, this concept is used to explain the State's duty to protect minor children who lack proper care and custody from their parents.

Question: How does Parens Patriae relate to the Bhopal Chemical spill? I'm in a moc court trial, on the side of the chemical company, and we are trying to dismiss the case under parens patriae.

Answer: saying the courts do not have the power to hold them for trial.... go here:::… -…


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For the first time in U.S. History, the two tribes have sued the state under the doctrine of parens patriae?which means on behalf of all current and future tribal members. Currently, the legal team for the plaintiffs are awaiting a judge's opinion in ...

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The death must also be initiated or consented to by the patient or his close relatives (or by the court acting as parens patriae), approved by a high court and a medical committee, and should never be conducted without the express wish of the patient ...

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The issue in the AU Optronics case had to do with so-called parens patriae actions ? an increasingly common phenomenon where a state or a state's attorney general seeks relief on behalf of a large group of citizens. The question in the case was whether ...

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Most people don't know this fact: According to the parens patriae doctrine, the state and federal governments become the parents to the children they remove from their natural families due to abuse and neglect. This means that governments and ...

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Ignoran que el estado, a travs de su poder ?parens patriae?, tiene el deber de cuidar de aqullos que no son capaces de cuidarse por s mismos. No meditan respecto a su obligacin de proveer educacin, salud y bienestar a las poblaciones ms ...