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Parens Patriae

Legal term that defines the State's legal role as the guardian to protect the interests of children who cannot take care of themselves. For example, in an abuse or neglect case, this concept is used to explain the State's duty to protect minor children who lack proper care and custody from their parents.

Question: How does Parens Patriae relate to the Bhopal Chemical spill? I'm in a moc court trial, on the side of the chemical company, and we are trying to dismiss the case under parens patriae.

Answer: saying the courts do not have the power to hold them for trial.... go here:::… -…


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General Sharif's description of the Army's mission is a polite variation of "parens patriae." The release of the militants without consulting the Army apparently reinforced the Army leadership's sense of betrayal and its distrust of Nawaz Sharif. Prior ...

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In January the U.S. Supreme Court held that parens patriae claims?claims brought by state attorneys general on behalf of their residents?could not be removed to federal court under the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA). While this ruling purported to ...

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The California Legislature enacted PAGA because of inadequate financing and staffing to enforce state labor laws, the court noted, and such parens patriae suits lack the defining attributes of true class actions. Unlike Rule 23 suits, PAGA has no ...

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In this respect, the Ninth Circuit found that PAGA representative actions were similar to parens patriae suits, which it had previously held could not be removed because such suits, brought by state attorneys general, do not contain certification ...

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In counterpoint, states are imbued with jurisdiction to ?step-in? to situations to protect those who may not be able to protect themselves (i.e. the parens patriae power). This power is invoked, for example, and most controversially, in the context of ...