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Parens Patriae

Legal term that defines the State's legal role as the guardian to protect the interests of children who cannot take care of themselves. For example, in an abuse or neglect case, this concept is used to explain the State's duty to protect minor children who lack proper care and custody from their parents.

Question: How does Parens Patriae relate to the Bhopal Chemical spill? I'm in a moc court trial, on the side of the chemical company, and we are trying to dismiss the case under parens patriae.

Answer: saying the courts do not have the power to hold them for trial.... go here:::… -…


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A federal district court in Hawaii held that a parens patriae action brought on behalf of the State of Hawaii by its Attorney General was not removable under the Class Action Fairness Act (?CAFA?) because it was not a class action, and, even if it were ...

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Alternatively, attorneys general can use their parens patriae authority, an authority held by states and exercised by attorneys general to protect state interests. It is an open question whether attorneys general may use their parens patriae authority ...

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This decision is likely to encourage more of these ?parens patriae? quasi-class actions, and even companies that think they stopped the class action train with mandatory arbitration agreements may see the same kinds of claims asserted by state AGs on ...

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?The court has a parens patriae jurisdiction,? says Wood. ?If it does barter away the children's support, the court is likely to intervene. If there is a fundamentally respectable amount of support, the court wants it to be final.? Nathalie Boutet of ...

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On January 14, 2014, the United States Supreme Court unanimously reversed the Fifth Circuit and held that the Class Action Fairness Act's ("CAFA") mass action provision did not provide for jurisdiction over a parens patriae suit filed by the attorney ...

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The judge dismissed the case on standing grounds, ruling that the states did not have standing under the parens patriae doctrine because each state was actually only representing the interests of the group of egg farmers within its state that had opted ...