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Physical Custody

Determines which parent has the actual, physical right to be with the child.

Question: my ex have physical custody of my son can i file for divorce? O.k my ex have physical custody of my son, we aren't legal separated yet is in process because CA law,can i fill for divorce if i live in KY.

Answer: If you have met the residency requirements in KY then you can file there.


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Can grandma and grandpa get custody in Pennsylvania?

Lexology (registration)
In order for any person in Pennsylvania to request custody of a child, that person must first have ?standing? to file a petition. For a grandparent seeking legal custody of a child or sole/primary physical custody of a child, grandparents must either ...


Eight Kids Found in Custody of Miracle Meadows Director Against Court Order

Family court nominee questioned on joint custody issues

Nashoba Publishing
Christopher Iannella, one of the eight members of the Governor's Council, pressed Dacyczyn for his feelings on parents' joint physical custody of children. "I want to get a sense of where you're coming from and I don't get that sense," Iannella said.

Helping homeless kids get ready for school in Forsyth Co.
?These are young people that are not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian,? said Melissa Ledbetter, homeless liaison for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools system. The good news, Ledbetter says, is that many of the homeless students ...

CBS Station's Identity Mistake Won't Result in Defamation

Hollywood Reporter
The plaintiff sued for defamation after receiving more than 110 messages from people he knew, after his girlfriend removed her child from his physical custody when the news broke, and after unsuccessfully attempting to get the station to rectify its error.

Governor Mifflin board addresses grievances of a divorced dad & gives the nod ...

Boyertown Berk Montgomery Newspapers
In most cases, one parent has the primary physical custody and the other parent has the legal custody. What we look at is who has physical custody. That parent is the one we rely on for primary information like address, doctors, emergency numbers, and ...

Deployed submariner loses a round in custody battle
Their daughter, Kaylee, was removed by Michigan Child Protective Services in 2010, and the submariner was granted legal and physical custody of the child, now 6. Angela Hindes pleaded no contest to assault and was given a 10-day jail sentence and ... Live

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