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Physical Custody

Determines which parent has the actual, physical right to be with the child.

Question: my ex have physical custody of my son can i file for divorce? O.k my ex have physical custody of my son, we aren't legal separated yet is in process because CA law,can i fill for divorce if i live in KY.

Answer: If you have met the residency requirements in KY then you can file there.


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The Appeals Court concluded that Casey's rulings ?reflect consideration of relevant circumstances ... and the potential risks to the children should the father not have primary physical custody.'' The court said in its ruling that the mother will, all ...

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Judge defends custody decision in lesbian mom case

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Potter said he granted Angeles primary physical custody in November 2012, ?knowing full well she was gay.? Mann argued that Potter should have held a hearing before Angeles left for Cuba, not after. The father's lawyer, Mandy McKellar, agreed. Potter ...

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