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Acknowledgment Of Paternity Affidavit

Legal document a man can sign to acknowledge paternity.

Question: Acknowledgment of Paternity Affidavit... in ohio? My boyfriend and I are expecting out first baby. --neither of us have ever been married or have any other children. What is an Acknowledgment of Paternity Affidavit? How does it work? From what I read online, all we have to do is fill out the information and he signs it saying he is the father. Will there be any dna testing with the affidavit. How do we get the affidavit? Any other useful information... Thanks

Answer: Its an Affidavit by the father swearing he is the biological father of the child. No DNA testing is generally required bc the person signing it is swearing under oath that it is true. it is a legal admission. DNA testing comes into play many times when the father is denying paternity. I would call and use the contact information on the site you probably read about it to get the form and requisites:…


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