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The entry of a judgment, decree, or order by a judge or other decision-maker such as a master, referee, or hearing officer, based on the evidence submitted by the parties.

Question: How does withhold adjudication and records being expunged or sealed affect your career? I have been a licensed insurance agent for almost 10 years. I am facing either Drug Court/PTI or getting a withhold adjudication for my charges. Will this affect my state of licensing with the state of Florida?

Answer: Your best source of information on that topic is your Criminal Defense Attorney.


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Press Council adjudication

Business Spectator
The Press Council has considered a complaint about an article by Elaine McKewon headed ?Fairfax falls for the climate conman? on the Climate Spectator website on 14 January 2014. The heading was subsequently changed to ?Fairfax misleads on self-titled ...

Bear River adjudication proposed

Capital press
During the Snake River Basin adjudication, which started in 1987 and finally finished this August, Cefalo said water users offered witness affidavits, homestead patents, personal journals, old church records, federal survey maps, aerial photographs and ...

Peterson agreement expired with adjudication of his criminal charges

Adjudication is not the answer

New Times SLO
Laurie Gage's fact-based analysis, which exposed the fallacy that adjudicated basins are better managed, obviously struck a nerve with the litigants who have filed the Quiet Title lawsuit. While they are oblivious to the fact that many believe they ...

Normal adjudication process to include parking tickets

Bloomington Pantagraph
NORMAL ? The Normal City Council approved the administrative adjudication process in May and plans to start using it for parking tickets next month. Deputy Corporation Counsel Wayne Karplus said six McLean County attorneys have been trained and ...

The role of dispute adjudication boards under FIDIC: a view from the courts

Lexology (registration)
The fact that the FIDIC suite of contracts, at clause 20, provides for disputes to be resolved by dispute adjudication board (DAB) prior to commencing arbitration proceedings means that disputes arising out of FIDIC contracts rarely come before the courts.

Adjudication under third party rights?or not

Lexology (registration)
A recent case in the TCC has considered the extent to which third party rights can be subject to adjudication. The decision makes it less likely for adjudication to apply to third party rights and follows on from the Parkwood v LOR decision last year ...

Ramgoolie considers plea deal; adjudication at issue

Florida law, however, calls for mandatory adjudication in this case ? even if Ramgoolie takes the plea agreement ? and that is giving him pause. If someone is adjudicated guilty, that means they are a convicted felon. If adjudication is withheld, the ...

Dispute Adjudication Board under FIDIC - mandatory or not?

Lexology (registration)
The Engineer no longer has a single point of responsibility for dispute resolution as there is now a Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB). But is a referral to a DAB a prerequisite to arbitration? Also what does a party need to do to challenge a decision ...

Adjudication ? a must before bringing a court claim

Lexology (registration)
Recently the Technology and Construction Court (TCC)* considered the application of a contractual term which required the parties to adjudicate before bringing a claim. In so doing, the TCC analysed the Dispute Adjudication Board clauses in FIDIC ...