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Custody Order

Legally binding determination that establishes with whom a child shall live. The meaning of different types of custody terms (e.g., Joint Custody, Shared Custody, Split Custody) varies from State to State and Tribe to Tribe.

Question: Custody order ? Ok I know I can't get an exact answer and that it could depend on the judge but I have a custody question and looking for insight and opions. I have had my daughter everyweekend since she has been born per custody agreement and order from her mother and I. I have received a letter from the court that I am now being taken back by her mother in an attempt to get visits every other weekend. NOw that would mean I lose so much time with her. Her mom don't work in the summer so she is home all day everyday. On top of that she let her miss 30 days of school this year. So Ig uess what I'm looking for are opions in what people think in terms of what a judge may due. This is in philadelphia. Has anyone experienced something similar to this?

Answer: It is very hard for anyone to give a reasonable assessment of what a certain judge might do in a certain fact pattern Without knowing your complete visitation it is usually customary for the child to spend every other weekend with the non-custodial, but i do not know all the facts in your case, in return for every weekend did you for go some holidays? extended stay over the summer etc? I would re-exam the visitation to see if the court is going to rule for every other weekend that you be given some extra time some where to compensate for the lost time, IE longer time in the summer or more holidays etc


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