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A framework or procedure under the auspices of a State’s judicial branch or tribal court in which court officers other than judges process, establish, enforce and modify support orders, usually subject to judicial review. The court officer may be a magistrate, a clerk, master, or court examiner. He or she may or may not have to be an attorney, depending on the State or tribal law.

Question: What is the difference between judicial, quasi-judicial, and administrative processes? Too add to the question, let's say you have a judge who renders decisions based on hearsay evidence, without finding of fact or conclusions of law. Would that be considered judicial, quasi-judicial, or administrative process, or would that be considered acting outside of their subject matter jurisdiction. Most importantly, would it be considered enforceable or void?

Answer: That would be considered judicial. And it would be fully enforceable unless it is successfully appealed or reviewed by a higher authority or court. A quasi-judicial body is an individual or organization which has powers resembling those of a court of law or judge and is able to remedy a situation or impose legal penalties on a person or organization. So an actual judge would no be involved as such, because then is would be judicial rather than quasi-judicial. An administrative process would not usually be concerned with hearsay evidence. It would be something like a High Court Judicial Review (which is both a judicial and administrative process).


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