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Residential Parent

The parent or custodian with whom the child resides. This party does not have to be the actual biological parent of the child

Question: What is the difference between the residential parent and the custodial parent? I am soon to be divorced with a minor child. I would like to know if someone could explain to me the difference between the custodial parent and the residential parent. What are the responsabilities or the custodial parent, vs responsabilities of the residential parent?

Answer: when i got divorced we had a custodial parent and a non -custodial parent custodial parent: the one the child resides with and is primarily responsible for the support and well being of the child non-custodial(residential?) : the parent that the child does not live with but visits on an preagreed upon or standard court scheduled time slot....also is responsible for paying child support i hope this helps....if you have any more questions just ask :)


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