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A process issued by a court compelling a witness to appear at a judicial proceeding. Sometimes the process will also direct the witness to bring documentary evidence to the court.

Question: What happens if your under 18 and Parent cannot show up for minors subpoena? If i am not able to make it to a different county for a court subpoena what happens to my parent? If my parent needs to be at work? What are the consequences. I dont think being arrested pertains to me though or my mom and we only got a phone call and no subpoena delivered. I am not in trouble but need to show up against someone. So no case is against me.

Answer: I take this to mean you are a witness in a case against someone else, if so & you have not been served a subpeona to appear you do not have to attend. A request by phone is just that - a Request. So there should not be any consequences. You need to take into account though whether - a) this was a serious crime b) how important is your testimony to the case c) how not testifying would effect the outcome of the case (such as an innocent person be convicted, or a criminal not be convicted) Mainly, how relevant is your info. in the case, are there other witnesses who will disclose the same facts you are attesting too. If it were a major case & your statements were detremental to the case I would think a subpeona would be involved. Either way- good luck & I am glad the case is not against you, keep it that way - keep setting a good example for the other youth in our society.


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