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Tax Offset

(Also know as tax intercept) When the obligor's income tax refund check (Federal or State) has been taken by child support to pay an arrearage (back support).

Question: How can you recover funds from a tax offset? I've had my tax refund "garnished" or offset. I had an outstanding student loan for about $9000. I would like to pay it. Just not quite like this. I am in desperate need of these funds (Which they managed to get $3,200 of my refund for themselves). I've heard I can write a letter of hardship or something like this. What options do I have and what is the best possible thing to do so I may see my $3,200 again?

Answer: I work for a student loan company (though not for the collections department). To my knowledge you can't. They give you enough time (ayear before default and however much time before the garnishment) that if you haven't set up payment arrangements by then then that is the only option. My best advice would to set up payment arrangements with the collection agency soon, for the rest of the balance, otherwise they will start garnishing wages as well. Sorry, I wish I had a better answer.


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