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This term is applied when one married spouse leaves the marital home. In some areas this may be grounds for divorce or may reflect adversely upon the spouse who moves.

Question: How do you file for child abandonment in Pennsylvania? How do you file for child abandonment in Pennsylvania and how long does the other parent have to be gone for before you can file? I have a four month old daughter and i want to move out of state. I need custody to do that but the child's father is no where to be found.

Answer: Are you married to the father? Assuming you are not, and you are the mother, you already HAVE full custody. If he wishes to challenge anything, it is up to HIM to file.


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JONESBORO ? A teacher accused of job abandonment was a ?no show? for a hearing in which he was scheduled to defend himself. A tribunal panel met Tuesday morning to hear the termination appeals case of Lewis Kent, a language arts teacher at Babb ...

FERC Grants Rehearing for Issues Related to Midla Abandonment

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FERC issued an order granting rehearing for further consideration to American Midstream Partners LP in a matter related to the company's desire to abandon its 88-year-old Midla pipeline system in Louisiana and Mississippi. On Monday, the Federal Energy ...