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Change Of Venue

Change of judge or location.

Question: how do I change venue for a court hearing in florida? I am currently scheduled for a court hearing for child custody. I think there is a conflict of interest in the county where the court case was filed and I was wondering how I would go about changing the venue to my county. Does anyone know where to find the court documents to do this and how to go about doing it? the family is well known in the county where it was filed...also there is someone in the court that may be related to the family of my son. I contacted legal aid in May. The lawyer was willing to help me until I sent him the papers he asked me to send(which had names on it) then he backed out. I got another atty. through legal aid...who was seeing me for a month. I faxed him( $30worth)of all my papers as well as drove(2 1/2 hrs.) 3x to see him. Then he tells me he isn't sure he is taking my case. But he refuses to return my calls so I guess he decided not to.

Answer: you don't. You either need to file a motion for change of venue or to remove the judge hearing the matter. And guess what? The decision will be up to the court. Now, what is the conflict? EDITED BASED ON ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Simply because 'some' in the court may be related to one party or the other is not grounds for a change of venue. Unless you can prove that the JUDGE hearing the case is biased or has shown a mistake of law such that you cannot get a fair hearing, you have no grounds for a change of venue. You don't get such on what MIGHT happen.


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