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Ex Parte

On or from one side or party only, sometimes used in reference to the absence of the opposing party.

Question: I have got a notice from the family court, stating that if i dont appear the case will be determined Ex-parte,? I have got a notice from the family court (Bangalore India), stating that if i dont appear the case will be determined Ex-parte, As such i do not want to attend the court hearings. I just want to know that will there be any problems if i dont appear and let the case be determined Ex-parte? REQUEST A LAWYER FOR ADVISE PLEASE!

Answer: The divorce matter determined Ex-parte will not have ill effect but the judgement/order passed against you will bear all sort of allegations made by your wife against you proved to be correct and thus satisfying the ground for dissolution of marriage by decree of divorce. In future if you show the certified copy of the judgement to any one that person may presume that you were at fault hence the divorce case got decided against you.


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