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Intestate Laws Of Intestacy

A person who dies without a will is said to die intestate. State laws of intestacy establish who inherits, and in what percentage. Surviving spouses usually inherit the entire estate except in the case of surviving children who are entitled to usually two thirds, while the surviving spouse inherits the remaining one third. Rules vary from state to state.

Question: Scottish Succession Law? If your spouse dies intestate (without a will) and you jointly own, for example, £28,000 worth of furniture (moveable asset), does it automatically go to you or is it distributed according to laws of intestacy? Thank you

Answer: as a scot i can tell you that scottish & english laws are totally different there are many grey areas chidren /step chidren are concerned you could look up the following sites where there are different avenues you could explore… you may find info to help. dad died few years ago without leaving a will & because I was from a previous marriage it then made me a step child whereas my half brother & sister were children of that marriage & therefore legally entitled to dad's estate with their mother (my step mother ) & i was entitled to nothing best of luck with your quest & the outcome is what you want.


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