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Pretrial Discovery

Phase in a lawsuit during which each party can request documents and other evidence or information from other parties to the case to help prepare for trial

Question: What is Broad Pretrial Discovery? (Law Term)?

Answer: that generally describes the process of searching for evidence in a civil suit. This includes depositions, interrogatories and production of documents. It may include on-site inspections, expert witness or other examinations. Broad discovery just means that all methods of discovery are to be used. Narrow discovery would limit the discovery process in some way. Maybe by a protective order or other means to limit the scope of discovery.


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I-Team Exclusive: Former Fort Bragg soldier indicted in bigamy case

Earlier this year, Pendleton-Brown discovered multiple marriage certificates in boxes she unpacked once the couple was transferred from Fort Bragg to Fort Benning, Georgia. She said she thought she was Brown's first and only wife, but she was his ...

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DA, Incarnate Word don't want Redus shooting audio made public
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South District Court

Chinook Observer
Pre-trial ? DUI, Gerald Alan Ells; discovery deadline 11/26. In custody ? Assault 4th-degree, Charles Richard Farrell III: no action taken. In custody ? Negligent driving 1st-degree, Scott Allen Ferguson; court to contact treatment agency. Pre-trial ...

Athens NEWS

Man who protested Church Directory mulling options
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Sexual harassment: Failure to adequately respond to can be costly
The court found the sexual harassment claim sufficient to survive summary judgment (a motion to dismiss) and required that discovery (pretrial fact-finding) be conducted before it could be decided on summary judgment or at trial. Brightview also tried ...

State rep's attorney accuses state of delaying trial

Pete Beck (center) appeared in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court on April 24 with his attorneys Chad Ziepfel (left) and Ralph Kohnen for a pre-trial hearing. It's been nearly 18 months since Beck was first indicted on 16 charges ranging from ...

Plaintiffs Can't Evade Federal Jurisdiction in Coordinated Tort Suits

The Recorder
While "admittedly a fairly close case," Rawlinson wrote that the plaintiffs' petition for coordination in the state courts focused on pretrial matters such as discovery and witness depositions. "The plaintiffs' petition for coordination stopped short ...

Fatal stabbing may stay a mystery

Mohave Valley News
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) ? A man was arrested Tuesday in connection with the discovery last spring of 25 dead cats hanging from trees in plastic bags, a grisly find that prompted animal lovers including Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler to post $25 ...

11/17 Session #1: Article 5?

Lawfare (blog)
Housekeeping comes first: the military judge summarizes the outcome of a pre-trial conference, which (among other things) prioritized consideration of a legal motion by the defense, and to push back a dispute over physical contact by female GTMO guards ...

Chief Prosecutor Statement on This Week's Hearing in Al-Hadi

Lawfare (blog)
Since the last pre-trial sessions in September, the Commission has issued an order to protect against the disclosure of classified national security information. AE 13I. The protective order the government originally proposed to the Commission in July ...