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Pretrial Discovery

Phase in a lawsuit during which each party can request documents and other evidence or information from other parties to the case to help prepare for trial

Question: What is Broad Pretrial Discovery? (Law Term)?

Answer: that generally describes the process of searching for evidence in a civil suit. This includes depositions, interrogatories and production of documents. It may include on-site inspections, expert witness or other examinations. Broad discovery just means that all methods of discovery are to be used. Narrow discovery would limit the discovery process in some way. Maybe by a protective order or other means to limit the scope of discovery.


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The discovery period is the pre-trial phase in a lawsuit in which each party, through the law of civil procedure, can obtain evidence from the opposing party by means of discovery devices including requests for answers to interrogatories, requests for ...

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A law suit involves pleadings, motions, discovery, pre-trial hearings, status conferences, case evaluations, jury selection, trial preparation, a trial, post trial motions, appeals, etc. Time and financial commitments as well as risk of financial ...

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... of simplified pre-trial procedures like summary judgments (and in BC, summary trials). The Court held that where the court can find the necessary facts through the summary process (notably, here, some examinations for discovery and cross ...

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Where parties consent, Rule 9 operates to conclude ?all pre-trial proceedings, including all discovery, pre-trial motions and mandatory mediation? within nine months of the filing of a Request for Judicial Intervention in an action. With respect to e ...

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Lawyers are held professionally liable if they fail to vet paper and electronic trails thoroughly, with the result that pretrial discovery may commonly cost clients hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Other significant litigation costs ...

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