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Pretrial Discovery

Phase in a lawsuit during which each party can request documents and other evidence or information from other parties to the case to help prepare for trial

Question: What is Broad Pretrial Discovery? (Law Term)?

Answer: that generally describes the process of searching for evidence in a civil suit. This includes depositions, interrogatories and production of documents. It may include on-site inspections, expert witness or other examinations. Broad discovery just means that all methods of discovery are to be used. Narrow discovery would limit the discovery process in some way. Maybe by a protective order or other means to limit the scope of discovery.


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Schultz seeks pretrial evidence
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Round 2 of Reed vs. LaHood for D.A.

San Antonio Express-News
Reed said she's also reckoning with the Michael Morton Act that seeks to avoid wrongful convictions by changing discovery procedures. Reed said she stands by her policy requiring blood draws of suspected drunken drivers, as well as the pretrial ...

Man facing assault charge gets jail time

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Koogler requested that a final pretrial be set before the court trial to allow time for a deal to possibly be made with the state after discovery is complete. A final pretrial for Knauff's caes was scheduled for Oct. 23, and a court trial was scheduled ...

Honeycutt maintains innocence

Victorville Daily Press
Assistant District Attorney Michael Fermin said the prosecution has had no objections to the time waivers, understanding the volume of the case defense attorneys must rifle through, including more than 45,000 pages of discovery and a massive Grand Jury ...

Federal Judiciary Approves Civil Discovery Rules Changes
The judiciary received more than 2,000 comments about the proposed changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which include language aimed at narrowing the scope of pretrial discovery requests to make sure demands are ?proportional? to the ...

People in the News - Sept. 19, 2014 - Albero Joins Obermayer Rebmann

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He regularly drafts and argues various pretrial motions, including discovery motions, motions in limine and dispositive motions. He also frequently retains medical experts from various specialties, and closely assists them in the preparation of their ...

Some deadlines change in Ferguson civil rights lawsuit

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Although a trial in Ryan Ferguson's civil rights lawsuit is still set to begin Aug. 24, a federal judge last week granted a motion to modify pretrial deadlines in the case. U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey approved an order to extend several ...

Wyoming County: No decision by judge overseeing Marshall Kelly case

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Details in the letter exceeded information given by the woman in depositions or exchanged between the defense and prosecution as part of the pretrial discovery process, Effman said in August. According to Effman, the judge was supposed to decide by ...

Paterno Suit Pared but Survives Objections

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The dispute was over a ?general protections? provision that would bar the disclosure of all pretrial discovery materials in the case. The plaintiffs had proposed to allow public access to materials not designated as ?confidential? or ?highly ...