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Pretrial Discovery

Phase in a lawsuit during which each party can request documents and other evidence or information from other parties to the case to help prepare for trial

Question: What is Broad Pretrial Discovery? (Law Term)?

Answer: that generally describes the process of searching for evidence in a civil suit. This includes depositions, interrogatories and production of documents. It may include on-site inspections, expert witness or other examinations. Broad discovery just means that all methods of discovery are to be used. Narrow discovery would limit the discovery process in some way. Maybe by a protective order or other means to limit the scope of discovery.


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Jury trial postponed for Akron man accused in Tallmadge double homicides

Tallmadge Express
Court records show pretrial hearings will now take place Feb. 3, 2015. Tighe is accused of killing 31-year-old ... He had been staying at the residence since the discovery of the badly decomposed remains. Tighe pleaded not guilty to charges of ...

Probe into MoJoe's fire continues

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
In July, a judge approved a request from federal prosecutors that added layers of protection to the evidence about Elfgeeh's alleged activities. The order ensures that the identities of some witnesses will not be disclosed during pretrial proceedings ...

Greg Abbott: Bag bans may violate state law

Austin American-Statesman
The association made similar arguments in a 2013 lawsuit to overturn Austin's ban but dropped the case after city lawyers demanded that retailers reveal proprietary information during pretrial discovery, association officials have said ...

Drug sweep suspects attend pretrials

London Madison Press
Twenty-two suspects arrested in connection to the ?Operation Bases Loaded? drug sweep in July attended their informal pretrial hearings Aug. 20 in Madison County Common Pleas Court. Informal pretrial hearings ensure that the discovery process is ...

Fujifilm Wins $10M Verdict in Kickback Case

Daily Report (registration)
During discovery, Fuji learned of what it described as a kickback scheme by which the Schoolers and another California-based broker were funneling 20 percent of their commissions to Cartwright, the Fuji VP who paid them. "Robert Cartwright paid ...

Foreign Policy (blog)

13 Years On, Will 9/11 Ever Go to Trial?
Foreign Policy (blog)

New Rules In New York Mean Speedy Trials For Commercial Disputes (But At A ...

Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
The parties may agree to resolve any disputes, other than class actions, pursuant to these accelerated procedures.3 Under the new rule, parties agree to be trial-ready within nine months, effectively compressing all pretrial proceedings, including ...

Witness deadlines set in Webber will case
A structuring order issued by the court shows that all discovery for the case be completed before Dec. 15 and that there will be a pretrial hearing the week of Jan. 12, 2015. A trial, expected to last five or more days, will commence after Feb. 1 ...

Donald Sterling gives up battle for Clippers, allows deadline to pass
Donald Sterling's real legal weapon is what he might accomplish in pretrial discovery, where he would seek to have league officials and owners deposed under oath about their own past missteps and personal failings. Sterling would want them to appear ...

AIA Hasn't Really Changed Pretrial Landscape

Law360 (subscription)
Along the way through the case, the right to a separate trial impacts the strategy of how to develop client-specific defenses, often using discovery resources shared across the pretrial consolidated defendants. An important decision is whether and the ...