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Visitation Supervised Visitation

Pursuant to stipulation, agreement, or court order, visits of unemancipated children with their non-custodial parent. Visits are supervised by a responsible adult when the non-custodial parent is accused of child abuse or neglect. Take out your calendar and think it through. The schedule should be flexible, but consistent enough so you can make plans.

Question: Grandparent visitation rights?? New Jersey? Ok i need a little help, these are my reasons of why I do not want my inlaws to get visitation rights of my 3 yr old. Never changed diapers/ pullups when needed Doesn't let Karlea use the bathroom when she asks Will not let her use a public bathroom Brings Karlea home with soaked diaper, all the way through pants. Karlea has horrible diaper rash when this happens Do not help us try to potty train her. Takes Karlea out to lunch, and dinner, when asked not to do so, and Karlea having the runs day after. Lets Karlea run around and play in a kitchen, opening the fridge, drawers with sharp knives, playing with the fan, turning on and off the TV Karlea must sleep in a playpen down stairs which she doesnt fit into comfortably and is able to climb out of if she wants to and get into anything. Plus grandparents are sleeping upstairs and probally can not hear her if she gets out. Both of her grandparents tell her to call her mother and father names, such as Dip Shit, Jackass, and anything else degrading. They will ask her if we are "retarded" and tell her to call us that. Asks Karlea if she wants them to rip mommy's arms off and beat her in the head Or even get a rope and hang mommy. They do not keep their house clean, having dirty floors, to where her feet and socks turn black Their kitchen table has mildew on it, and has been over 6 months, still haven't cleaned it. Those are my reasons, please let me know if you think they are good reasons or not, and what u think that court is going to decided. thanks

Answer: You need to check your states' guidelines on grandparent's rights. A lot of states do not have them. Grandparent's rights were designed so that if parents happened to split up, the children would still be able to know and have a relationship with the absent parent's family. The in laws in question have absolutely no chance. I would document everything, take pictures of their home, pictures of your child when she returns from being over there.


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