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Best Interest Of The Child

In deciding custody, the court must consider only those facts that directly affect the well being of the child. See AS 25.24.150.

Question: What are chances an adoption will go thru on basis of best interest of child after mom has withdrawn? My daughter in a moment of idiosy signed a concent to adopt paper for the step mom to adopt her 6 yr old daughter. I talked sense into her hired a lawyer and filed a withdrawl of consent. The step mom wants to continue the battle for adoption on the basis it's in the best interest of the child. :( The child would be devestated to lose her family . What are the chances a judge will grant this adoption going on basis of best interest of child???

Answer: In a "best interest" state, the lawyers will argue about the child's supposed state of mind, and sense of security. They will say that the child has 'bonded" most strongly to one family or the other. You will need child psychologists, and therapists who have knowledge of the child. You will need documentation. I hope this child has a good relationship with her mother, and with you, and that she is articulate. It will help if the little girl can express her desire to stay with you. They may also talk about the need of the child to have "2 parents"....and material advantages, so you have to counter that with whatever you have, including your love and total committment to her. Remember that a step-parent doesn't replace the mother, but if your daughter isn't fully committed to raising her daughter, the judge may sense that.


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