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Disregarding or disobeying a court order. It is a very, very serious thing to be held in contempt of court.

Question: What punishment does a Contempt of Court charge carry? I live in California. What punishment does a Contempt of Court charge carry in relation to non-payment of child support when there was ability to pay?

Answer: It complicates that parent's life immediately. But, only if you win. You have to win if you bring these charges. They may get their passport suspended; their driver's license suspended; their income tax investigated. I'm suing my ex-wife now because she owes me college tuition for our son - to the tune of $18,000.00


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SC judge-headed probe panels have no contempt power: SC
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Irish Independent editors facing jail over alleged contempt of court

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The country's director of public prosecutions is seeking an order to commit the editor-in-chief of the Irish Independent, Stephen Rae, and its editor, Claire Grady, to prison for contempt of court. At a Dublin high court hearing on Monday (21 July ...

NY District Court Signals FilmOn Likely In Contempt

Broadcasting & Cable
In a hearing Tuesday, Judge Naomi Buchwald, who has already found FilmOn in contempt once, said she was likely to do so again. Her court had enjoined FilmOn from delivering TV station signals, but after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals (in New York) ...

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FilmOn Likely In Contempt, Judge Says
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Green Tree attorney apologizes to avoid contempt

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A Green Tree attorney had to apologize to a Common Pleas Court judge Tuesday or risk being held in contempt. Eric Yandrich apologized to Judge Jennifer Satler and her judicial secretary after they alleged he was abusive to Pam Palmosina on the phone in ...

How the Terrorist Watch List Shows Contempt for Core American Values

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Now that the government's guidelines are public, what was long suspected is now confirmed: the whole operation is a due process nightmare. Conor Friedersdorf Jul 24 2014, 6:00 AM ET. Tweet. More. Email. Print. Cassandra Kinaviaq Rae/Flickr. At long ...

Truth a defence in contempt proceeding: Supreme Court

Zee News
"The legal position with regard to truth as a defence in contempt proceedings is now statutorily settled by Section 13 of the 1971 Act (as substituted by Act 6 of 2006)," the bench, also comprising justices Anil R Dave, S J Mukhopadhaya, Dipak Misra ...

SC's contempt notice sent to Giriraj Kishore didn't reach him in 20 years

Times of India
The court had initiated suo motu contempt proceedings against Kishore on a petition by senior advocate Rajeev Dhawan on April 12, 1994, accusing him of making derogatory remarks against the Supreme Court when it was seized of the constitutional ...

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Supreme Court drops contempt charges against Giriraj Kishore
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