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Disregarding or disobeying a court order. It is a very, very serious thing to be held in contempt of court.

Question: What punishment does a Contempt of Court charge carry? I live in California. What punishment does a Contempt of Court charge carry in relation to non-payment of child support when there was ability to pay?

Answer: It complicates that parent's life immediately. But, only if you win. You have to win if you bring these charges. They may get their passport suspended; their driver's license suspended; their income tax investigated. I'm suing my ex-wife now because she owes me college tuition for our son - to the tune of $18,000.00


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A Manhattan judge took the extreme and rare action of finding a sovereign nation ? Argentina ?in contempt of court on Monday. Judge Thomas Griesa, acknowledging it was an unusual ruling, said 'the court holds the Republic of Argentina is in civil ...

US Judge Holds Argentina In Contempt After Debt Default

It has been nearly 2 months since Argentina defaulted on its debt. And now a judge in New York has held Argentina in contempt for proceeding with plans to pay some of its bondholders, but not others. Copyright 2014 NPR. For personal, noncommercial ...

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Argentina told a U.S. judge that holding it in contempt for disobeying his orders in a bond-payment fight with hedge funds would violate international law. A contempt ruling, sought by Paul Singer's Elliott Management Corp. and other investment firms ...

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To try to get things moving, or just to have something to do, Elliott asked Judge Griesa to hold Argentina in contempt of court. Because Argentina has nothing but frequently and vehemently expressed contempt for Judge Griesa, he agreed. He has not yet ...

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US judge holds Argentina in contempt over bond payment plan