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Disregarding or disobeying a court order. It is a very, very serious thing to be held in contempt of court.

Question: What punishment does a Contempt of Court charge carry? I live in California. What punishment does a Contempt of Court charge carry in relation to non-payment of child support when there was ability to pay?

Answer: It complicates that parent's life immediately. But, only if you win. You have to win if you bring these charges. They may get their passport suspended; their driver's license suspended; their income tax investigated. I'm suing my ex-wife now because she owes me college tuition for our son - to the tune of $18,000.00


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While jurors were out of the courtroom Wednesday afternoon, Racine County Circuit Court Judge Michael Piontek found Bryant in contempt of court. ?I don't believe his testimony today that he doesn't remember anything,? Piontek said. ?I'm not going to ...

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KATHMANDU, SEP 20 - After two straight days of hearing in a contempt of court case against Kantipur Publications, the Supreme Court on Friday scheduled the next hearing for October 13. Advocates for Kantipur Publications are yet to complete their ...

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Judge vacates criminal contempt citation against Providence lawyer
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Gov. Rick Perry's mugshot made the rounds on the internet after he was booked on two felony charges in the Travis County Jail on August 15, 2014. We've compiled some of the memes from Perry's mugshot, click ahead to see the best of the best.


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Observing from the gallery as the Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act passed the House of Representatives: I've never witnessed such a brazen display of contempt for not only the voters, but logic and facts. The ?pro-hunt team? offered no ...

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NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday stalled the Allahabad high court's decision to punish UP principal home secretary Neeraj Gupta for contempt of court by refusing to implement the HC order conferring 'Z' category security on leader of opposition ...

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?I have a great deal of contempt for the majority opinion,? Aronberg said. Money has always been critical in campaigns, but the controversial Citizens United blew the lid off, he said. ?In January 2010 the federal money floodgates opened wide ...

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