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Defendant Answer

The response to the complaint. The answer is the first document filed by a defendant in a court case. It responds to the plaintiff's complaint. The defendant may deny the plaintiff's allegations, may present new facts to defeat them, or may show why the plaintiff's facts are legally invalid. In the answer, the defendant may also make affirmative defenses and counterclaims.

Question: Does anyone know where I can view samples for filing an answer for a defendant? The answer is for a defendant (a company) being charged with negligence.

Answer: You don't even want to try. You can be held liable if you err in your presentation. If its worth defending then its worth the price of a lawyer. P.S....... its called filing a defence.


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For example, if a defendant is sentenced to 60 days in jail, the 15 days served are subtracted, leaving 45 days. The defendant could earn good time equal to half of those 45 days, which would be rounded to 23 days. The 15 days served plus 23 days means ...

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