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Defendant Answer

The response to the complaint. The answer is the first document filed by a defendant in a court case. It responds to the plaintiff's complaint. The defendant may deny the plaintiff's allegations, may present new facts to defeat them, or may show why the plaintiff's facts are legally invalid. In the answer, the defendant may also make affirmative defenses and counterclaims.

Question: Does anyone know where I can view samples for filing an answer for a defendant? The answer is for a defendant (a company) being charged with negligence.

Answer: You don't even want to try. You can be held liable if you err in your presentation. If its worth defending then its worth the price of a lawyer. P.S....... its called filing a defence.


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Luke Picone, an infant by his Mother and Natural Guardian, Romina Picone ...

New York Law Journal (registration)
02) by the Plaintiff seeking an Order pursuant to CPLR 3212 granting him summary judgment as to liability and/or striking the Defendant's answer pursuant to CPLR 3124 and/or 3126, are determined as hereinafter provided. This is an action seeking ...

Defendants answer to charges

Tyler Star News
Kristen M. Cross, 20, of Buck Run, Sistersville, appeared in Tyler County Circuit Court Monday alongside her court-appointed attorney, Justin Craft. Cross is charged in three counts of a 50-count indictment handed down by the June term of the Tyler ...

Employment Law: The anatomy of a lawsuit
For example, the plaintiff can obtain copies of documents that would help to prove his/her case and can ask the defendant employer to answer written questions. Furthermore, he can take "depositions" of key witnesses. A deposition is where a witness is ...

Kidnapping defendant: Dad asked her to take child

Wisconsin State Journal
Smith replied to most of Pfluger's questions by saying she didn't know the answer or didn't remember, even with simple questions such as where she was born, whether she lived in Wisconsin in 2010 and whether she'd ever been convicted in court.

A Look at Jefferson County's Worst-Rated Judge and Her Controversial Comments

"It was wrong for the prosecutor to ask the question in the first place, the judge shouldn't have permitted it, and the judge shouldn't have allowed the defendant to answer it." The county attorney's office later amended the charge back to first ...

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The Guardian

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Competency hearing scheduled Thursday in Smithfield homicide case

Daily Press
But Isle of Wight Commonwealth's Attorney L. Wayne Farmer said he doesn't expect the defendant, David Ricciardi, 49, to be in attendance. "The word from Central State is that ... He has yet to answer a plea to the charges. Ricciardi, 49, is charged ...

Kaufman Murder Suspect's Request Denied

CBS Local
He asked the judge to permit him to take a deposition of his co-defendant, his ex-wife, Kim Williams. The couple are ... Because of the refusal to answer questions, the judge sided with Kim Williams and denied the request from Eric Williams. Jury ...