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Ex Parte Protective Order

When certain acts of domestic violence have happened, the victim may ask the court for a 20-day order for protection. These requests are generally heard ex parte - without the other side present.

Question: Hearing on Protective Order in Arizona, does old order impact new order? As far as ex-parte protective orders in Arizona are concerned, I understand that the defendant is allowed to request a hearing at any time the order is in effect, which is one year from service. Should the defendant make a request days before expiration of the order and the court grant a hearing for that order; will the hearing include a NEW order granted but not yet served to the defendant? For example, an order expires Jun 15th and the defendant requests a hearing June 5th. The court grants the request and sets a hearing date for say Jun 25th, but in the meantime the plaintiff has already obtained a NEW protective order on Jun 7th, which has yet to be served. Since the objection/hearing is in reference to the expiring order and the new order has not been served and is therfore not enforcable and subject to a hearing, can the new order be incorporated into the hearing on the older expired order?

Answer: Yes. Absolutely.


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While the three designated women in the clerk's office can assist a domestic violence victim in filling out three pages of questions on the ?Complaint and Motion for Domestic Violence Protective Order,'' they are not allowed to suggest or recommend any ...

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"When they violate an ex parte order, it can take weeks or even a month or two before they see any accountability," said Mayberry. Kansas City leaders are considering a move to prosecute people who violate the initial temporary protection orders ...

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in 2013 there were 25,922 Family Violence Protective Orders. 1002 Standing Criminal Restraining Orders. and after Hearings, 2,636 Ex parte Restraining Orders.*. The Ex Parte Restraining Orders seem to be the set we are looking at. So for 2013 there ...

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On September 9, U.S. District Judge Dean Whipple granted motions for ex parte temporary restraining orders in both complaints. He found good cause to believe that the defendants have engaged in, and were likely to continue to engage in, practices that ...

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The commission explains that it will not release Callen until his orders expire at the end of September to allow the defense to utilize him for the filing of ex parte and sealed listings of motions that the parties intend to bring in the case. Judge ...

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