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Settlement Conference

A settlement conference is a meeting with a judge before trial to explore ways to settle your issues. The meeting includes you, the other party, and your lawyers (if you have them). The judge may or may not be the same judge you will have if you go to trial. The judge's role is to try help you reach an agreement, not to be a decision-maker.

Question: Settlement Reached at Settlement Conference. How long will it take to receive check with settlement money? A Settlement Amount Was Reached at the Settlement Conference. How long will it take to receive a check with settlement money? Same day? 1 week? 2 weeks? This is for the state of NY.

Answer: Depends on who you had the suit against. If it is private party you may have to go back to court to get a judgement to get them to pay. If they do not have the money or refuse to pay, you can ask the court for forfeiture of their personal belongings to satisfy the debt. In such acases they will have already "given away" anything of value. If it was a large well known company, then probably 1-3 months depending on how much they want to stop bad publicity. Most cash value settlements drag on for a very long time with the otherside hoping you will give up or die before you can collect. Very good luck!


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