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Survivor Benefit

The payment made to a beneficiary (usually the ex-spouse or alternate payee) from a retirement plan after the plan participant dies.

Question: How do I know if the military Survivor Benefit Plan applies to me? See details please.? My Father recently passed away and my mother has already passed away a few years ago. I am an ony child. I'm unsure if my father had any type of life insurance and I already checked his banking statements. I need to figure this out before I lose out. I am over 18 (in my 30's). Can anyone familiar with the Military (SBP) Survivor Benefit Plan please help me? Thank you in advance

Answer: SBP is something that he would have had to set up, if he didn't then you would not be eligible for it. As you are no longer a dependent of him you will not receive his pension, access to bases, etc... He might have had life insurance but that could have been through any company. He should have outlined everything in his will if he had one.…


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