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Daily Dialogue

Daily Dialogue is a communication technique used by couples who have experienced a Marriage Encounter weekend. Couples write, separately, in the form of a love letter, their individual responses to a previously selected question. Then they share what they wrote with one another, and discuss their feelings after reading the letters.

Question: Can someone please give me a dialogue of your daily routine using reflexive sentences in Spanish? I need this for Spanish class since I was absent due to a long sickness. VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE ANSWER A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer: Cada mañana me levanto alrededor de las 10 am, lo primero que pienso es en el desayuno, y en que hora será. Me meto a bañar a las 11 y me arreglo para la escuela a las 3 pm. Por lo general llego tarde pero no importa por que mis maestros no toman asistencia. Al salir de la escuela regreso a mi casa muy tarde a las 7, y después me voy a la iglesia.


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Future MP snubs Hezbollah call for dialogue
The Daily Star

Carolina United's dialogue examines Ferguson situation

The Daily Tar Heel
Despite the national uproar surrounding recent events in Ferguson, Mo., a dialogue on the topic Tuesday struck a reflective tone. Carolina United hosted ?A Community Dialogue on Race and Police Accountability? on Tuesday in the Student Union. More than ...

UN Security Council urges Yemenis to resolve differences through dialogue

Shanghai Daily (subscription)
"The Security Council urges all the parties in Yemen to adhere to resolving their differences through dialogue and consultation, reject acts of violence to achieve political goals, refrain from provocation, and fully abide by" previous Council resolutions.

Editorial: Responding to National Dialogue Challenges

Sudan Vision
The Sudanese Presidential Assistant, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour said that the African Union (AU) Chief Mediator, Thabo Mbeki will seek to bring rebel groups onboard the national dialogue process which will discuss among other things, ways to end the wars ...

China calls for continued efforts to settle Kosovo issue through dialogue

People's Daily Online
UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 29 -- China on Friday called on all parties concerned to continue to resolve differences through dialogue, so as to find a lasting solution to the issue of Kosovo. Liu Jieyi, China's permanent representative to the UN, made the ...

Sudan Vision

Mechanism Says Dialogue Train has Moved Slowly but Surely
Sudan Vision

Obama upholds dialogue in Venezuela

El Universal
"While we keep exploring all options to deal with the situation in Venezuela, our immediate focus is to support any mediation efforts that engender honest dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition. (...) We remain committed to our ...

Sudan Vision

Dialogue Roadmap will be Implemented within Coming Days: NCP
Sudan Vision

Vail Daily column: 'Insiders' join the dialogue

Vail Daily News
Last year, Eagle County School started its first Insider's Academy. The premise was simple: seven two-hour classes during the course of the school year with each one focused on a particular part of our operations. The outcome was amazing! We had 22 ...


Dialogue process in quandary over role of army
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