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Daily Dialogue

Daily Dialogue is a communication technique used by couples who have experienced a Marriage Encounter weekend. Couples write, separately, in the form of a love letter, their individual responses to a previously selected question. Then they share what they wrote with one another, and discuss their feelings after reading the letters.

Question: Can someone please give me a dialogue of your daily routine using reflexive sentences in Spanish? I need this for Spanish class since I was absent due to a long sickness. VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE ANSWER A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer: Cada mañana me levanto alrededor de las 10 am, lo primero que pienso es en el desayuno, y en que hora será. Me meto a bañar a las 11 y me arreglo para la escuela a las 3 pm. Por lo general llego tarde pero no importa por que mis maestros no toman asistencia. Al salir de la escuela regreso a mi casa muy tarde a las 7, y después me voy a la iglesia.


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Newton selected for Veteran-Civilian dialogue project

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More than once I've been told I resemble LeVar Burton, the wholesome, friendly Negro presenter of ?Reading Rainbow? and ?Go the F--- to Sleep? fame. Take that anecdote as you will. Yet, when I introduce myself with a ?Hey there, name's Jos,? I have to ...

The Classics in Dialogue: Bringing New Voices to an Old Discipline

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China-Russia-Mongolia dialogue eyes closer trilateral relations

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ULAN BATOR, Oct. 30 -- Chinese, Russian and Mongolian deputy foreign ministers pledged on Thursday to boost trilateral cooperation and exchanges of views to maintain the strategic relations among the three countries at a high level. Delegates led by ...

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