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Children's rights are the human rights of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care afforded to the young, including their right to association with both biological parents, human identity as well as the basic needs for food, universal state-paid education, health care and criminal laws appropriate for the age and development of the child.

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Rights of a Child

Rights of a Child assists caring parents in the following areas: Family Law Services, Child Support Services, Spousal Support, Adoption Support, Parenting Arrangements, Child Custody, Individual Consultations, Mariage, Divorce, Paternity and Coaching. We support parents who are committed to remaining involved in their children's lives. We believe all children deserve parental role models. We believe the best parent is BOTH parents. We believe without BOTH parents' involvement, children are left to discover parental role models on their own, by their own methods and through their own devices, usually at their peril. We believe through the involvement of BOTH parents, the children's assurance of love and acceptance is secured; their self-esteem will be enhanced; and their sense of belonging is established.

We help you understand the family court process that will directly affect you and your changing family. We help you organize your case, which can be just as valuable to you as the legal process itself. We provide experienced individuals who can help you to prepare court documents. We also provide referrals to attorneys, counselors or other professional upon request. We provide a supportive environment where you can gain the information, education and knowledge needed for your particular case. We actively challenge stereotypes and myths regarding parents and parental involvement. We help ensure active consistent involvement between parents and their children through empowering parents with information and education in all areas of the family court process.


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