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Child Custody

Question: Child Custody? My husband and I live in FL. and we gained custody of my husband's 3 children from a previous marriage, due to the mother putting them around a man who was a potential danger to them. They have lived with us for well over a year now and my husband and I have a child together as well. My husband is in the military and he recently received orders for us to move to Japan. The mother can take us back to court now and try to regain custody of the children due to them move. The mother lives in GA. and only has visitation with them, my husband has full custody. Will the courts split up my family? They have lived with their half brother since he was 3 months old. Does this play a factor in the judge's decision for maybe not changing custody again back to her? Please do not respond, go to the JAG office on the base. The JAG office mainly just gives out information on Wills, etc. and we have been down that road already. Please help.

Answer: The move to Japan should be irrelevant, the Judge will decide what's best for the kids, but as far as your husband having full custody then he should be allowed to move them overseas. The military covers him in alot of ways to oversee parental rights, I wouldn't worry too much. Although it would not be a bad idea to check with attorney's around the area, there are some who offer initial consultations for free... It's not like he will be in Japan forever, all of you will return eventually. Check for Legal Advice though just to play it safe, And God's Speed to your Husband, I know what he goes through, been there and done it, with the military.. Good Luck / Semper Fi


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