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Shared Custody

Both parents equally share the legal and physical custody of the child. Typically found only where both parents are able to resolve their personal differences and keep them in check for the sake of raising the child in a caring, nurturing environment.

Question: Joint Physical Custody? Child Support? I have a question about joint physical custody. Right now I have Joint Legal Custody of my child... I know I'm not capable of getting sole custody so I am going to try for Joint Physical Custody. If I am awarded Joint Physical Custody do I still have to pay child support since we are splitting the time equally??

Answer: If both parents share equal parenting time (actual time WITH the child) and the parents make about the same income then there will not be a child support order set. Unfortunately, because the likelihood of both parents having the same salary means that 1 parent will likely have to pay some child support. However, with joint custody and equal parenting time the amount of child support will likely be very low/nominal.


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