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Sole Legal Custody

One parent is given the legal authority to make the major life decisions affecting the child's welfare, such as where the child(ren) goes to the doctor, goes to school or how money matters are handled. If the parents do not agree on a decision about the child(ren), the parent with sole legal custody has the right to make the final decision. The alternative to sole legal custody is joint legal custody.

Question: Does sole legal custody allow me to appoint someone other than my ex as the children's guardian if I die? My ex husband is an alcoholic and unstable and can be mean. I am going to court to file for sole legal custody and supervised visitation. I have a child with special needs. I want to make sure that if something were to happen to me that I would legally be able to appoint a more stable guardian? Does anyone know if this is true.? I live in NJ.

Answer: Once you're in the ground it will be difficult to control what happens above the ground !!


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