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Question: family law........... I have a friend that has gone through some tough times and for her children safety her brother and sister in-law agreed to take the kids for the summer. when school was getting ready to start the kids wanted to stay there for a year and go to school . my friend agreed to it and i guess she had to sign some papers giving them legal gaurdianship. after that year was up they told her that she need to change things before she can get the kids back. get a better paying job that pays at least 14$ an hour... ( around here thats imposible) drive a brand new car. have a bigger apartment. and move to the same state that they are in . and just leave all of her friends and family. she felt that it wasnt there place to tell her where , what, and how to live . they know that she doesnt have money . and she doesnt know how to fight this . she's not a very smart person. she actually has some learning disabilities but that doesnt make her any less of a good mom. anyways this has been going on for 3 years . now she found out that her 14 year daughter has had sex and her brother and sister-in-law has changed the kids names without her consent. she sent a notarized letter saying they dont have her permission to change the kids name and that she wants her children back. she has asked for legal advice and she was told that she has to go to that state and get legal help there ( remember no money and no reliable car) she was also told to gather up they'r birth certs and SSN and drive down there and go take the kids ... i realy dont know what to tell her . can anyone help .. she knows that her daughter wants to come home but her 10 year old might have been brain-washed. PLEASE PLEASE help ... advice......

Answer: contact legal aid maybe they can help


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