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To reveal, tell or expose new information.

Question: Real Estate Disclosure. What do you disclose as an Agent? Can you guys please list the things an agent need to disclose to the buyer? Thanks a lot :) California Real Estate guys, sorry.

Answer: Each state within the US has different rules as to what should be disclosed by sellers. Even if you sell your house without an agent you are still required to disclose the same things. An agent would have to disclose who they are representing. If an agent is aware that the owner is not following the legal requirements of any disclosure then they are required to disclose what they know, but I just would refuse to show a house where I know the owner is being dishonest- and I certainly would refuse to list such a house. I had a house listed one time where the owner had taken down utility signs that warned of a high pressure underground pipeline. As soon as I found out what he was hiding, I insisted he put them back up- he refused and I terminated the listing. i just realized I forgot to say there are exceptions to the disclosure law in Texas. In cases where the state thinks disclosure would be unnessesary they have listed nine secific types of sale that are not required to fill out the disclosure form. Even those sellers may have to disclose if they know of a condition- they are just not required to fill out the form. The most common exceptions for me as an agent to be involved with are, Builders selling a brand new- never been lived in house, sales of foreclosures and sales of property where the house is reconized as have less than 5% of the value of the sale. A landlord that never has lived in the house often thinks they should not have to fill out a disclosure but they are required to give any information that they may have. (like how old is the roof).


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