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Shared Physical Custody

The technical term for when the child(ren) live(s) with each parent at least 30% of the year. In other words, if the child(ren) live(s) with each parent for at least 110 overnights, the technical term is shared custody. Please remember these are technical terms that should be applied only after the parents have decided on what the best overall schedule, or parenting plan, is for their child(ren). The alternative to shared physical custody is primary physical custody. See parenting plans for more information.

Question: My husband has shared joint legal and shared physical custody of the kids. Can he get bah? My husband went to court and has a court order stating that him and his ex shared custody of the kids. The kids live with the mother until June. My husband pays child support for the kids. Can he still get bah while the kids live with their mother? My husband has the kids all during the school year starting in June and the mother has the kids during Christmas break and during the summer. I'm not sure if that' relevant, but just in case I wanted to put that in there. We live on base in Germany, so my husband does not get bah right now.

Answer: Well he should be getting bah with dependents anyways. I have joint physical/legal but the only difference in my pay is like an extra 250 i get bah with dependents which doesnt really help much considering i pay almost 600 in child support neways for one kid. Tell him to ask his admin shop i have a really good admin shop here so they explained it all to me. -oh one other thing tho if he is married to you he is probably already getting bah with dependents so i dont think his pay will change.


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