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Community Property States

Community property states in the United States are: Arizona California Idaho Louisiana Nevada New Mexico Texas Washington Wisconsin Territory of Puerto Rico.

Question: Anyone know the rules for common law marriage in France? I am asking for a american friend who is with a french girl, they have lived in spain and had a child PACS is like common law in france

Answer: There is no such thing as "common law" in France, it is not a common law jurisdiction. Even in other common law jurisdictions like England, common law marriage was scrapped centuries ago. The law there no longer recognises long relationships at all. If you want the benefits of marriage you must get married. The couple you described would simply be regarded in France as an unmarried couple with a baby. Edit, PACS is effectively what some other jurisdictions label a "civil parternship", being in effect a marriage. The only difference is that other European countries only make this available for same-sex couples, whereas France makes it available for everyone. Without a marriage or a PACS, this couple is simply boyfriend/girlriend, with no legal ties to each other beyond their responsibilities to their child. PACS is absolutely nothing like common law.


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