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Dowry - The nuptial present, such as money, goods, property, or estate which is offered by a bride to her husband at marriage. In some societies, it is the gift that a bridegroom gives to the father of the bride before the marriage can be finalized.

Question: Can you tell me a single marriage performed in India without dowry? Dowry is in many forms, sometimes it is indirectly given in the form of property, jewels or jobs with good permanent income of the girl. Most people who are talking against dowry are no.1 dowry givers. Even in love marriage, nobody loves a girl who is well below their status and who has no means of income in the future. In real people talking vigorously against dowry marry their daughters to a well settled boys by spending lot of money as dowry.

Answer: well i am an indian & my parents marriage was arrange marriage. my father didn't took any dowry. & my mother & father never saw each other before marriage. but since childhood i never saw my parents fight


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