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The party against whom the cause of action is being brought.

Question: To Lawyers: Is there a juristiction in the US where a plaintiff in Small Claims can have a surrogate speak? I'd like to know if there is any juristiction anywhere in the US where a plaintiff in a Small Claims action can appoint a surrogate - who is NOT an attorney - to speak on their behalf?

Answer: You can grant ANYONE a 'Power of Attorney'. That enables them to act on your behalf in ANY capacity that YOU can legally act. This is true EVERYWHERE in the US. The attorneys need to 'think outside the box' on occasion. Then again, that would ruin the 'legal monopoly' they have enacted into law.


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Psychiatric expert says murder defendant was 'out of his mind'

Buffalo News
Earlier in the day, jurors were kept from the courtroom while Chautauqua County Judge John T. Ward reviewed two video tapes of Ewing's psychiatric appointments that were conducted with the defendant. Defense Attorney Lyle Hajdu asked Ward to admit the ...

2nd San Jose thrill-kill trial begins with defendant blaming buddy in brutal ...

San Jose Mercury News
Only this time, defendant Randy Thompson's lawyer blamed his client's best friend, Jae Williams, in the killing of 15-year-old Michael Russell. Thompson didn't lay a hand on Russell, his lawyer contended, just watched in fear as Williams sneaked up ...

Charges dropped against second defendant in fatal Roanoke shooting

Roanoke Times
?Mr. Manning, you are innocent in the eyes of the law,? he told the defendant, but he voiced dissatisfaction with those who may have been present when Price was gunned down ? reportedly between 50 and 100 residents of that neighborhood.

Willamette Week

"Malingering" Defendant Gets Another Competency Review
Willamette Week

Renisha McBride trial, day 1: A mother's tears and defendant's fears

Defendant is admonished for sharing highway shooting evidence with The Star

Kansas City Star
Be sure to include your name, daytime phone number, address, name and phone number of legal next-of-kin, method of payment, and the name of the funeral home/crematory to contact for verification of death. For more information about placing obituaries, ...

Trial set at Aug 4. for Hickory Street murder defendant

The Herald-News
Massaro pleaded guilty to robbery and concealing a homicide and was sentenced to 10 years in prison after agreeing to testify against the other suspects. The three remaining defendants are being tried separately. Bretz has asked for a bench trial ...


Three Defendants Arrested on Charges of Providing Material Support to a ...
Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release)

Jail mate of Providence triple-homicide defendant testifies against him at trial

The Providence Journal
PROVIDENCE, R.I. ? A star witness in the murder trial of Harriet Street gang member Luis ?Fat Boy? Gonzalez took the stand Monday in the trial of a jail mate accused of killing three people in a robbery gone bad. Ricardo Vasquez, who is serving life ...

Fox News

Theater shooting defendant returning to court for more hearings on which ...
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