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Biological Father

The man who provided the paternal genes of a child. The biological father is sometimes referred to as the natural father.

Question: What is the easiest way to get my daughters biological father to sign over his rights? I have a 8 month old daughter. Her biological father has not been around since i was 3 months pregnant. He is not on the birth certificate. I left him due to him being an alcoholic... proof (he was arrested for DWI). I want to get him to sign over his rights, but I don't want to pay a lawyer's fee. What is the cheapiest and easiest way to do this?

Answer: Go to the County Court and fill out/file the necessary paper work. There is a filing fee. If he doesn't contest it, you are home free. If he does, you will need a lawyer. The Clerk can advise on the forms, but not on the data.


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