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Protective Order

A court order which is meant to protect a person from another person. There are three types of protective orders that you can request depending on your relationship with the opposing party and the type of crime he/she committed against you: 1) domestic violence; 2) stalking; or 3) sexual assault.

Question: protective order? If I, the victim, lives in the same county as the abuser, can i get a protective order from another county? I live in TX, and my county will not do the protective order. Can I get one in another county? If so, how do I go about doing this? ok, i didnt deny the PO and yes a crime did occur, however the judge in this county doesnt feel that sexual crimes should have a protective order placed. Therefore I am trying to find out if I can get one in another county to stop the a**hole that molested my daughter from trying to see her.

Answer: Your question is phrased a little confusing. It sounds like you are explaining that you are the victim? Both you and the abuser live in the same county and that county denied your protective order. You are asking if you can go to a neighboring county and try to obtain a protective order from them? Am I correct? The protection order should be issued in the county where you live and usually the emergency protection order would be issued in the county where the crime occurred. Did a crime occurr? Or are you just trying to get a restraining order? I think you should try to regather your info and explanation as to why you need a restraining order and return to your county. Going to a neighboring county isn't going to help or make obtaining the order any easier. Trying to explain to them why you are in their county when you don't even live there is a little odd. Good luck to you.


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