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Under Advisement

When the judge does not make a decision right away after hearing the evidence. If the judge wants some time to think about the issues he or she takes them "under advisement." He or she will issue a decision in the future, either in writing or orally during a hearing scheduled with the parties.

Question: What does probation under advisement mean, and will I have to go back to court after? i was arrested for possession of marijuana and also attempting to run a drug house because i had pipes in my car and a scale, and i received 1 years probation 'under advisement' under HYTA. WIll i have to appear in court after my probation is over?

Answer: probably. you are lucky as all hell you got away with probation. appearing in court is nothing compared to time in the penitentiary. that said, 'under advisement' means they are probably deciding whether or not your sentence will be upped to something more serious while you are under parole, depending on your actions. if you had a scale, they will automatically think you are selling pot (and arent you?), so they could very well just be watching you to see whether they should convert your sentence to jailtime. if you get away with probation, take it as a lesson learned and a VERY close call and stop smoking pot! ive seen geniuses turn into morons who do nothing but sit around their parents house all day (as grown adults) just because of their stupid weed habit. anyway, shouldnt you have a lawyer? if you do, he or she shouldve told you exactly what this means. if need a lawyer.


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