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An acronym for "Termination of Parental Rights." See:

Question: Whats the realtionship between blood presure, cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate & TPR? Whats the realtionship between blood presure, cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate & total peripheral resistance?

Answer: well, to the best of my ability..... Cardiac output is calculated in this equation: Heart rate x Stroke Volume= Cardiac output. Heart rate is the number of beats your heart cycles in one minute. Stroke Volume is the amount of blood pumped with each contraction. Blood pressure is a measure of the force exerted on arterial walls, and total peripheral resistance is the friction blood experiences when traveling through blood vessels. Im going to divide this into 2 categories for the moment: cardiac output and blood pressure. If heart rate or stroke volume were to increase, or decrease, the cardiac output would also increase or decrease. pretty simple. Moving on to BP. If cardiac output increased, there is a resultant increase in the amount of blood being ejected from the heart which would cause an increase in BP. If cardiac output falls, So does the BP. Total peripheral resistance can be affected by vasoconstriction, vasodilation, and plaque build up in the blood vessels. When vasoconstriction occurs, BP increases due to increased friction and force exerted on the arterial walls. When vasodilation occurs, the arteries widen, and the BP decreases. And as you probably could have guessed, the plaque build up also increases the friction in arteries causing BP to increase. Sorry it's long, hope that helps some though.


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