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Joint Physical Custody

Both parents have the ability to be with the child, typically joint physical custody is coupled with a parenting plan to determine who will be with the child at what particular time.

Question: My husband wants joint physical custody? He lives in Florida and have joint custody with his ex-wife. He wants to apply for joint physical custody because sometimes she is denying him access to his son when he wants to study with him. His son was diagnosed with some type of learning disorder and he just wants to study more with him. Is a lawyer neccesary in such a case when there is sufficient proof that physical custody will be in the best interest of the child? 10 points for best answer.

Answer: Yes you will have to get an attorney to file the papers. If your husband is a large part of the child's schooling, then he's known to teachers, school office workers, etc. They can attest to the fact that he has more interest in the child than the mother does. Have him talk to the childs guidance counselor. Schools can play a BIG part in what goes on in a courtroom where custody is an issue. My husband and I have joint physical custody but NEVER argue over our child. We're both in the same school district so he is allowed to go to whichever house he decides to go to that day after school. It can work out very well if the parents agree to put their own difference aside and work together for the benefit of the child.


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