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In-Kind Support

Non-cash support payments, for example, food or clothing, provided to a custodial parent or child in lieu of cash support payments.

Question: what can i do to get child support for my son? my son is 4 yrs old and he used to live with his father's parents and now he is with me. His father doesn't want to give support either financially or in kind. Is there a way that i could get support from him? He has a regular job and so do I but I have two children and a sick father to support.

Answer: first get yourself a lawyer and show proof that these are his kids. Once that is done, take his but to court. If the court find he is the father he will be ordered to pay support. Once yordered, the money can be withdrawn from his paycheck (safest way to guarantee you will get it) and sent to you. The judge can even hold him responsible for back support if he was not in the picture when the kids were born and he knew they were hid kids. It's always best to have an attorney help you thgouh this process, you might even get more out of him than you though.


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