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Person or organization in whose name child support money is paid.

Question: What is a Representative Payee held responsible for? I am a Representative payee and I am having a problem with a beneficiary. He is refusing to give me pay stubs and has claimed he wants S.S benefits to cease. Am i required to Tell S.S that the beneficiary is refusing to cooperate or should I do nothing. If I do nothing will I be held responsible knowing the person is working.

Answer: Call SS and ask. You always have the option to discontinue your RP duties.


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The checks are then washed or altered with the payee names and amounts changed. It's believed the suspect used stolen identities to cash the checks. "Although it's not always convenient, the safest means to mail checks is at an official US Post Office ...

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You have to fill out a form online that includes information about the payee and the amount you're paying, to ensure the money is in your account. Then you write an authorization number on the check and send it to the IRS as you would any other ...

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Rebecca Callis, a rheumatologist in Salem, received $2.7 million in Medicare reimbursements in 2012 ? the top individual payee in the state and one of 15 physicians bringing in more than $1 million from Medicare, according to a WW analysis. Other top ...

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