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Person or organization in whose name child support money is paid.

Question: What is a Representative Payee held responsible for? I am a Representative payee and I am having a problem with a beneficiary. He is refusing to give me pay stubs and has claimed he wants S.S benefits to cease. Am i required to Tell S.S that the beneficiary is refusing to cooperate or should I do nothing. If I do nothing will I be held responsible knowing the person is working.

Answer: Call SS and ask. You always have the option to discontinue your RP duties.


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A representative payee is someone who receives Social Security or Supplemental Security Income payments on behalf of a person not capable of managing the funds on his or her own. A representative payee makes sure an individual's basic needs are met ...

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It will store, manage and look-up the electronic information (i.e., ?the identity?) of a payee, including account and payment information. The main goal of the B2B Directory is to help U.S. corporations increase their use of domestic electronic ...

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Gonzalez, who had worked for City Council since July 1981 and had been earning about $60,000 at the time of her arrest in July 2012, was the victim's Social Security payee with responsibility for receiving her payments and ensuring that her bills were ...

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Typically, he said, developmentally disabled persons receiving financial assistance will have a vetted representative payee or similar arrangement. "When I speak to senior groups, I tell them, 'For fraudsters and scam artists, you are the No. 1 target ...

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