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Person or organization in whose name child support money is paid.

Question: What is a Representative Payee held responsible for? I am a Representative payee and I am having a problem with a beneficiary. He is refusing to give me pay stubs and has claimed he wants S.S benefits to cease. Am i required to Tell S.S that the beneficiary is refusing to cooperate or should I do nothing. If I do nothing will I be held responsible knowing the person is working.

Answer: Call SS and ask. You always have the option to discontinue your RP duties.


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?I think they (companies) need a payee positive pay system. That is where it shows that you have to verify who the check is made out.? The positive pay system reads the checks presented to the bank for payment and matches key data fields to the ...

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Payees that are exempt from backup withholding, such as corporations (in most cases), might need to enter a code in the ?Exempt payee code? box. Form W-9 instructions list the exempt payees and their codes, and for which types of payments these codes ...

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Business groups on Kim: Pour more ice water, please!
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Is freedom to contract a good thing for everybody? First Baptist Church of Roswell v. Yates Petroleum Corp. says yes, and confirms that the public policy in New Mexico is freedom to contract. In this case, it was to avoid the Proceeds Payment Act ...

Entrepreneur Society now accepts bitcoin

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Transactions occur between the payer and the payee and do not require a third party, but bitcoin payment service providers can facilitate transfers and currency exchange, according to Payment service providers are third-party companies ...

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For example, a U.S. corporation might get an interest deduction on an instrument that's treated as debt for U.S. tax purposes, while the payee company might be in a jurisdiction that considers the instrument equity. For the payee, the payment would be ...