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Question: What can I do if I have joint custody of my children and the father refuses to let me have contact with them? The father of my children is refusing to let me have contact with my kids. I can not call them on the phone or see them unless it is at my mothers house.Can he do this if we have joint custody?He is refusing to do so because I will not give him money, but there is no order for child support.

Answer: ►▬◄ What are your court orders and why don't you set up a voluntary child support order? If something were to happen to his health, resulting in him filing for welfare, they will go after you for retroactive child support, so you better get an order done now.


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They found that after parents separate or divorce, children do much better with shared parenting ? joint custody ? on multiple measures of wellbeing than with single parenting. Yet in more than eight out of 10 custody cases today, one parent (usually ...

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I am in agreement with Joan Meier's letter regarding the overwhelming difficulties of joint custody for children ("Joint custody can be the wrong answer," Oct. 12). One 5-year-old boy summed it up well. When asked where he lived, he answered sadly, "I ...

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In the absence of a legal framework and a patriarchal mind-set, which considers fathers as incapable of raising their children, the idea of joint custody of a kid has failed to take off, prompting the law commission to suggest amendments to the ...

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JEFFERSON (WKOW) -- A felony theft charge over an old dog, against the man who claimed he found the animal, was dropped, and a joint custody arrangement put in place for the beloved, blue healer mix. Spur the dog spent a decade with Tina Marshall ...

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