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Question: What can I do if I have joint custody of my children and the father refuses to let me have contact with them? The father of my children is refusing to let me have contact with my kids. I can not call them on the phone or see them unless it is at my mothers house.Can he do this if we have joint custody?He is refusing to do so because I will not give him money, but there is no order for child support.

Answer: ►▬◄ What are your court orders and why don't you set up a voluntary child support order? If something were to happen to his health, resulting in him filing for welfare, they will go after you for retroactive child support, so you better get an order done now.


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Q: My husband and I separated three months ago. We have two children, five and seven years old. My husband wants to have joint custody of the children with equal time between our two houses: one week with him and one week with me. I am not sure that ...

FAMILY LAW: Appeals court erred in joint custody decision

Wisconsin Law Journal
In a recent opinion the District 4 Court of Appeals misapplied Wisconsin statutes regarding the meaning of joint custody. Fortunately, it was an unpublished decision. Unfortunately, it is an authored opinion, so it can be cited for its persuasive value ...


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Kordell Stewart Awarded Primary Physical Custody Of Son In Child Custody Battle

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According to their new custody agreement, no child support will be paid by either party and they will share joint custody with Kordell getting primary physical custody. The new agreement also states that ?Mother and the Child will have to right to ...

Kordell Stewart Snatches Custody Of Son From Baby Mama

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Stewart settled his drawn out custody battle with his baby mama LaeTania Richardson on January 28 of this year. They will have joint custody with the former ?Real Housewives of Atlanta? husband getting primary physical custody. Kordell initially filed ...

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A former Sunday school teacher in Stockton has been taken into federal custody, facing child pornography charges. Presentation Catholic Church ... 20 arrest, Stockton police began a joint investigation with Homeland Security. "That investigation showed ...

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Man, 23, gets 14 months for Danzig St. shooting
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"Pregnant detainees are additionally provided ongoing pre-natal care with an off-site qualified doctor during their time in ICE custody. "For pregnant detainees who are determined to be ... time in custody," ICE said. This past week, Fusion, a new ...

The changing face of child custody issues

EIN News (press release)
They turned to a foreign adoption, but the strict laws of that country made it impossible for the women to jointly adopt a child, so the child was legally adopted by K. The child was cared for in their joint home by both women, and both supported the ...