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Post-Adoption Period

This is a period of time of an unspecified length after an adoption is finalized during which the members of this new group of legally related individuals learn together to become a real family unit, with all the joys, challenges, accommodations and wonderful experiences that go with it.

Question: Do you think todays adoption process is necessary? The adoption centers today often require adopters allow a home inspection and pass on everything a-z. Not to mention pre-adoption forms, normal adoption forms and even post adoption forms. I understand they want a good home for the dogs, but they offer nothing to help you make sure it will work. We want to adopt from a shelter that doesn't offer a in home period where the animals can live with you nor do they offer a backout or return period if it doesn't work out. Where will this crazy crap end? When they get a sample from you? Not to mention the staff are nasty as hell. If you say go to another shelter, that would work except I am the picky adopter. I don't like too many animals enough to adopt them. I searched Petfinder over 500 dogs and only 1 I would adopt. Yep, I know picky I am. I'd gladly jump through hoops for them if they aren't such assholes.

Answer: I'm so surprised that they are being so rude to you. Some people are just a--holes and will never change. The fact is, you deal with them a little and then you'll get your dog. I'm sorry to hear they are not being encouraging. As for the process, unfortunately, it's necessary. Lots of people have adopted pets so they can sell them for research, sell them for a higher price, or even abuse them. There are people who hoard animals and ones who just dispose of them when they get tired of them. So all the questions and the homecheck are for that. They just want to make sure you're a normal person just getting the dog as a pet. When they do the home check, they don't want to go through your stuff; they just want to make sure you don't live in incredible filth, hoard animals, or some other freak situation. The goal is to make sure the dog finds a permanent home with you. I am so glad to hear that you are adopting- these people are messed up. Adopting is about rescuing your new dog. I hope you will still consider rescue.


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