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Noncustodial Parent

Parent who does not have primary custody of a child but who has a responsibility to financially support the child. The CSEA uses the acronyms APF/APM to designate the absent parent father, or the absent parent mother. The non-custodial parent is also called the obligor.

Question: Can a custodial parent make the noncustodial parent pay child support if the child is adopted by a stepparent? Also, is it legal for the stepparent to adopt without the noncustodial parent signing the adoption papers?

Answer: Once adopted, the non-custodial parent is relieved of support payments. But is not relieved of past due payments owed. Quite often these arrears child support payments are a bargaining chip to get the non-cust parent to relinquish his/her parental rights. The non-cust parent must relinquish parental rights or be relieved of those rights by the court before the child can be adopted.


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