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SETS Case Number

Ten-digit child support identification number. All Ohio SETS case numbers begin with "7."

Question: How many sets of reps should I work up to? I recently have began lifting weights, primarily on Life Fitness machines. I have been working my way up to 3 sets of 12 reps. When I accomplish this I increase my weight. Am I doing this correctly? Being a women I want to look tone not "bulky." Should I increase my number of sets instead? If that is the case how many sets do you work up to?

Answer: If your goal is just to tone your muscles without adding bulk, you should do more sets and more reps per set and do not increase the weight - in fact you may wish to decrease on some exercises. Have you ever tried "tear downs?" That is where you do a set at one weight and keep decreasing the poundage on each successive set of that exercise. Have fun and good luck!


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