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A formal legal document containing written statements of legal significance that are being sworn to under oath by the author of the document, who is known as the "Affiant." The act of signing the Affidavit, and of swearing under oath that the statements it contains are true and correct to the best of the knowledge of the Affiant, is done in the presence of a Notary Public.

Question: How long after I marry my husband and affidavit of support to permanent residency card? I will be getting married this weekend my soon to be husband is in this country on a student visa.. how long after we file the affidavit of support and put in the application for permanent residency will it take for us to get a response.. and after the response what are we in-for with the INS.. will we have to interview.. who knows.. i don't please help.

Answer: You file I-130, I-864, your G-352a and he files I-485, I-765, I-131, his G-352a. It would take 6 to 12 weeks until you get interview notice. He will get Biometrics appointment first.……


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Under Georgia law, a professional malpractice complaint must be accompanied by an affidavit from an expert witness backing up the plaintiff's claim. A defendant may move to dismiss the case on the basis that the affidavit is defective in some way, but ...

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According to Maish in an affidavit of probable cause filed this week, he was at Pruitt's home on the night of May 17. Maish told investigators that while he was there, Buchanan and Plant came and knocked on Pruitt's bedroom window. Maish claimed ...

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FORT WORTH ? A second man who says he was inappropriately touched by an Alvarado pastor as a teen told investigators that the pastor took him to his Fort Worth house, rubbed on him and asked him questions about his sex life while discussing his own.

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Martinez is the child's mother and Villarreal is the boy's stepfather, according to the arrest affidavit. Child Protective Services was called to take custody of two children who also were in the home, ages 3 and 8, at time of the incident, Senior ...

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A suspect could face attempted capital murder charges after a shooting involving a Colonial Heights Police officer. According to an affidavit for a search warrant filed at the Colonial Heights Circuit Court, the incident started when Colonial Heights ...

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Detective Joe Luiz obtained surveillance video from a nearby gas station that shows a person buying cheese snacks and picking up a newspaper classified about 23 minutes before the fire was reported. Luiz took the photos and met with the owner of the ...

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In Kisimul Holdings Pty Ltd v Clear Position Pty Ltd, a decision seemingly inconsistent with established law, the Supreme Court of NSW earlier this year held that an omission in the affidavit supporting a statutory demand did not amount to ?some other ...