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A non-adversarial process in which two or more parties work through discussion and compromise toward agreement with the aid of a neutral party, or Mediator. In Divorce Mediation, the Mediator works with the divorcing spouses.

Question: Mediation?!? I was ordered to mediation with my ex-husband on may 29th, everything went smoothly and he agreed to everything i wanted. he had 10 days to email me with a schedule of visits for my child, and has failed to do so. So NOW WHAT!? we were explained that the mediation is a legal binding contract and if not adhered to would be null and void.... he didn't have to agree to anything so i don't understand why he wouldnt just say he disagrees and we would fight it out in court. So what the heck; that can't possibly help him get everyother weekend unsupervised if hes going back on his word before he even sees her! Anyone know the legalities of broken mediation contracts?! it was signed by both my ex-husband and i and was explained that it is a legal binding contract and that a copy will go to the judge that ordered the mediation. and there is no agreeing amicalby; he wants what he wants after not havin sh*t to do with her the last 6 years so no... he's not getting that; (unsupervised) i asked for a 90 day reintroduction with social worker supervision and then 90 days supervised by his mother... is that so difficult? she's 6 years old and i refuse to leave her with someone for the weekend that she has no idea who he is. just because he's "dad" i might as well drop her off 3 doors down and tell her she has to stay there the weekend cuz his names "jim" either way its' the same in her 6 year old mind. the new visitation schedule was written up and signed by both my ex-husband and I. It was detailed as to how the visitations were going to go... and he agreed and signed everything.... so......wth!

Answer: File a motion with the Court stating the facts you just told us and it would be a "Contempt to fail to follow through with conditions of mediation regarding visitation schedule with minor children." Even if it wasn't signed this will force the Court to schedule a hearing on it and then you can have the judge compel him to sign the agreement at the hearing so he can't keep disappearing!!!! Call a lawyer if need be. Hope I helped.


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