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A court action in which an adult assumes legal and all other responsibilities for a child, creating a permanent parent-child relationship.

Question: Adoption!? My husband and I have been together for 5 years. However, we just got married this saturday [7/7]. But, we have been trying to have a baby for the last year or so. We've talked about adoption, and we are just wondering alot of things. Like, do you have to own a home? Are their requirements as far as income? How long do you have to be married, how old do you have to be? And is it possbile for someone to just sign custody over to us instead of going thru an adoption agency? If anyone knows anything about adoption please share. thanks.

Answer: We adopted both of our children, and I know restrictions can vary for each agency (and country if internaional). You'll need to be married at least 1 year (and 2-5 years for many agencies/ countries) You usually will not need to own your home, and can live in an apartment. Some have income requirements but they are pretty low. We adopted from Korea and the yearly minimum family income was only $30,000 per family) Age can very, often is 25 years+ (sometimes older, and some agencies or countries have a cut off at 45 or 50. Although you don't have to go through an agency, even if you locate a potential birthmother on your own, you'll still need to go thru the legal process of adoption, and will probably still need a homestudy and background check, and will need to hire a attorney. You won't have to meet all of the agency requirements, but it should still cost sveral thousand dollars, and in some cases can be just as expensive as an agency adoption. Also, the amount of time birthparents have to decide not to proceed with the adoption in the US can vary from state to state, but it is NOT 5 years. Usually it's a few weeks or months, but some allow a period of one or two years ONLY if it is proven that the adoption process was corrupt. In international adoptions the birthparents rights have usually been relinquished once the child is in the US.


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